Walking Diary

By Hsu Shen On


August 2017 · 3 minute read

In my opinion Games of Thrones is the best TV drama series ever. The seventh season just started with a bang just as it left last season. While watching the first episode starting scene, I got puzzled at what was happening, and I am a person who has watched all the episodes before. I thought I might have been watching something of last season, I recheck and it was season 7, then maybe this is a recap cause the guy died last season how come he is there in the scene!! Of Course, in few moments, it is explained with more killings. GoT captivates you just like this every time, you get instantly hooked even after watching just for few moments.

The story is great, a lot of credit goes to George R. R. Martin for writing such a great series of books. Which has so many interesting characters and plots. Many people including me had never heard of the book till the TV series started, the adaptation of the novels to the TV has been perfect. A huge credit to David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for creating the epic drama series. You cannot point to one particular thing as to why the drama is so good. The casts, locations, directions, videography, music are all great.

Its one of the show that everyone is talking about it, even those who have not watch it has heard about it. It’s everywhere, many newspapers, websites have dedicated sections to just analysis the show. One of the things to watch out for are the spoilers and there are plenty. If you have not watched the last episode then you got to stay away from anything which talks about GoT, even your friends and family cause inadvertently they will give away a plot that would have been interesting to watch.

There are many ways to follow the show. There are many fan sites, Youtube channels dedicated to it and fans really go crazy there. They discuss every scene, every plot to the minute detail. I generally stay away from them because they give out too much detail. I like to watch the show and enjoying what unfolds there. One place I like to read about it is in theVerge. They have series of articles about it, and generally writing is very interesting( Its great place to get tech news also). Every year they conduct an online game in Fantasizr and I like to participate in it. Rules are simple you choose your team from the show in the start of the season. After every episode, a writer writes an article about it in theVerge, and gives out points depending on the happenings in the episode. Like if you have Arya Stark in your team and she kills someone, you get points.

There have been many memorable moments in the show for me which is one reason I consider it the best. One scene stands out for me, the “Red wedding” episode, it totally shocked me. I have watched many TV shows/movie which has lots of violence in it but this one was so chillingly done that it’s one of the few times I got shocked while watching TV/movie.

After this, there is only one more season left, up till now the TV drama was closely following the books but now we are in new territory which makes it more exciting as to what is going to happen. One thing is for sure the show has been able to constantly shock us and so I think the ending might not be what we suppose it will be.

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