Walking Diary

By Hsu Shen On

About Me

I started this website cause I wanted to get into a habit of putting my thoughts to words and then getting it documented. I am a software developer by profession, though this will mostly be a personal blog so it will contain random thoughts.


The movie menu you see is a list of movies I have seen and ranked, its little game I play with myself. I love watching movies and started to note it down sometime in the year 2014. What I do is whenever I watch a movie which is at least a ‘one time watch’ i put it on the list, I compare the movie with the ones in the list and put it where I think it’s ranked. This is what I do if I were given a choice between movie A and movie B if I choose movie A, then movie A goes above movie B, and then I compare with the next movie. It’s not a perfect science as I sometimes would go back and rearrange it but it mostly works. This is partially inspired by an idea of ranking app my brother had.


I love to travel, sometimes I am inspired to take photos, here are some of the sample https://500px.com/hsushenon https://www.flickr.com/photos/131797874@N06/


If you like or dislike anything i write, do let me know about it. Mail me at hsushenon@gmail.com

Not very active on twitter, though i do like my feed in it. https://twitter.com/hsushenon

Stay safe, Stay happy 😊

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