Walking Diary

By Hsu Shen On


October 2017 · 3 minute read

“The Sundarbans is a vast forest in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal, considered one of the natural wonders of the world, it was recognized in 1997 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site”

This puja me and my brother went on a trip to Sundarban. We took a package tour from a tour agency called Jupiter travels. It costs 4500Rs per person, which is quite reasonable. You can choose the more expensive package which would mean better boat/hotel/food, for us this was just fine.

The bus picked us from Science City and dropped us to Godhkhali, from there it was another 2 hours of a leisurely motorboat ride to our resort. One of the main fun of the tour is the travel around on the boat enjoying the picturesque natural beauty of Sundarban. If you have sea sickness you can be sure to avoid the trip, because the whole trip will be about traveling in the boat. There are no cars, no roads, there are just multiple small islands of forests and the only way to travel is by the boat.

The great attraction of Sundarban is to see the tiger, the tiger here is so famous that they have a special name for it, they are called “Royal Bengal Tiger”, some of these tigers have even earned the reputation of being “man-eater”. Unfortunately, in India, some people have to risks their life to earn a living. So people here goes in the jungle(illegally) to get honey, catch fish etc few of them are attacked and killed sometimes by the Tigers.

If you travel to Sundarban in hope of seeing these increasingly rare animals, you will most likely be disappointed. Sighting tiger is incredibly difficult, first, the forest is huge and dense and you will have access to only very small portion. Then the tiger population is around 100, so your chance to see one in action is minuscule. Of course, the guide here will play it up and try to keep you excited at the prospect of seeing one :).

The other interesting point of interests are alligators, dolphins, deer, many different migratory birds. We were able to sight some birds and a deer in the wild, which caused considerable excitement in the boat :). The chances of more sightings depend on the time you go. There was also a cultural programme of folk dance at the resort by local artists. Which was enjoyable to watch, the style of dance and song was very local which becomes very different what we usually see.

In summary, if you enjoy nature then Sundarban is great to place to go, even if you do not see the animals you will enjoy the sight of the dense forests, the ride in the boat, the freshness of the natural environment.


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