Walking Diary

By Hsu Shen On


December 2020 · 4 minute read

This one is a random topic selected by my family to write about. My brother is making his son write an essay on various topics since he has not been going to school due to the pandemic. So this is sort of extra homework. My nephew is quite creative and smart but seems like he is not currently enjoying the exercise after having done it multiple times now. So while we were discussing his writings, someone came up with the idea of all of us writing an essay on one selected topic. So the random topic was ‘Sandwich’.

My brother, his wife, and son have all written quite an interesting piece on this already. My turn to write something, this is a little challenge cause, the blog I have written is what I have chosen to write. So it is easier, now a topic has been selected and one which is quite random am not sure how to tackle it. When you want to write, especially when you know others will read it, you want to make it interesting. One way is to be unique, one way to do that is to have a personal experience/perspective to it. Since if you write it with a personal touch, it is of course going to be unique as generally that would mean no one else could write a similar piece.

Now I do like sandwiches, but it is not really a favorite. I have had very good ones, like Subways, the sandwich from New Market over the years. If I do not have it for a long time, it is not like I get a craving for it, unlike some of my favorite food like Biryani. So how to write about sandwiches if the food is well fine but not a whole lot interesting to me. (Side note for my nephew, see what I did here, when you do not have much material to write about the topic, I was just able to ramble along and just wrote half of the essay even without getting to the main topic!)

So the way I will tackle this is, to actually not write about the food, am going to write about the word ‘sandwich’ instead. Now sandwich as a word has been used in many contexts other than the food.

The sandwich as a verb: “to put something or someone in a small space between two other, usually bigger, things or people: ” It is a very common feeling especially for a smaller person, as a child to be sandwiched and believe me it is not something you like. Like when I was a kid traveling in a car, even though one would prefer to be near the window, you would be normally designated the middle seat, so being sandwiched between two elders. Another time, I remember being in the middle front seat, where I had to spread my legs cause the gear stick was being controlled in between them!!

Sandwich course: “a college course consisting of periods of study with periods of work between them so that students get practical experience” this in my opinion is a great idea, to be able to experience real work while learning for a degree is invaluable.

Sandwich generation: “a way of referring to the group of people who have old parents as well as young children, so they have to take care of both of their parents and of their children” Unlike westerners, Asians generally would experience this phase, and it is both a joy and huge responsibility. Kudos to the sandwich generation.

(Side note, so you see if you ever get stuck, think out of the box, with your creative head you will find a way to fill the pages easily, and remember to give your mum and dad a break, they are a sandwich generation :) )

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