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By Hsu Shen On

Why I won’t hit somebody else’s child

April 2017 · 2 minute read

Here is the story, some years ago while I was helping in my dad’s shoe shop I went to a tea shop to buy tea. This tea shop is a very old one, and we have been going there for many many years, so I know them pretty well. Previously the owner was an old man after he passed away his sons took over.

So that day I went to buy tea, I was waiting while the guy was making it. In comes, a crying child followed by his dad. The dad is the brother of the tea maker. An argument started between them, apparently, the tea maker who is the uncle of the crying child had hit the boy. It was because the boy had misbehaved and after the uncle had tried to correct him, the child had used foul language. This pissed off the uncle and he then hit the boy.

The crying boy went to his dad to complain, and so his dad came to confront his brother in the tea shop. The tea maker argued that he had the right to correct the boy as he was misbehaving. The father and here is the main point of the story, went on to say, ‘When you become a father, then you go and correct your own child, stay away from mine,’ He went away after that, but the words affected the tea maker so much that he had tears in his eye.

It’s quite another feeling you get when you see a grown-up cry. I can sort of understand how he felt. So i decided not to hit someone else child, even if the kid is really misbehaving. I remind myself if my brother told me what the father said to his brother, that would totally kill me inside.

Simple life rule, if you are not a parent, don’t try to be one.

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