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By Hsu Shen On

30 days without Youtube

May 2017 · 2 minute read

Last month was Lent, during that period many Christian do sacrifice of some sort. Most common around me is not eating meat for a day of the week. For my family that is on Friday. I would have done the same usually, if not for an idea my brother put in my head. His family has a tradition where they sit together and everyone picks something to give up during Lent. For my brother, the kids picked a clever one, since they know how much my brother loves Youtube. So my brother was not going to watch Youtube for the whole period of Lent.

I thought that was a great idea even for me. Of late I find myself addicted to Youtube, like most people it is very easy to get sucked into Youtube’s endless loop of watching videos. Its an incredible piece of tech, where almost everyone from a baby watching animation videos, to an elderly watching an old classic song video has something for them.

For me, every night I open Facebook and then check anything new interesting is posted. It takes about 5-10 minutes, then I move to Youtube and before you know it 1 hour has passed. Ever since Trump came into the picture I and the whole world has become obsess into any news related to him. You just cannot take your eyes off him. To understand him and analysis him, I found a talk show called ‘Morning Joe’ very interesting. The hosts does a balance job of showing both sides view, also they have good guests. Apart from those videos, I watch late night shows snippets which are always fun. Like “Jimmy Kimmel”, “Jimmy Fallon”, “Conan”, “Ellen” etc. Then I can check music, comedy, tech videos and so on.

As you can see I find myself sucked into it. So during Lent I followed my brother into banning myself from watching Youtube. The month has passed, and I can say apart from few days, it was easier than I thought. Giving up on something can sometimes be a very refreshing experience. It also proves self-control, in this day and age I can probably say if I had to I could live without tech for long period and that is reassuring to know.

P.S : I have gone back to the old habit of watching Youtube, now i follow a partial ban of Tuesday and Thursday, let see if that works out.

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