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By Hsu Shen On

Book sharing

June 2017 · 4 minute read

I love reading, it’s one of few things that can keep me engaged for a long period. Since buying originals is expensive I usually buy second-hand books. I used to go to New market where there is a store which works like a mini library. I go there and pay 20-30 Rs for a novel, usually John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Lee Child. I finish it, return it back and take a new one. Now that bookstore has stopped that scheme so I go to College street and buy a second hand for 70-100 Rs which is still pretty cheap. Since I love reading I like it when other people have the same habit, so sharing book for me is a great idea.

There was a post recently in my Facebook feed which was interesting and a concept which could potentially be great for book lovers. Here is the exact post:

“I am looking for people to participate in a large-scale book exchange. You can be anywhere in the world! All you have to do is buy your favorite book or give one you already had (just one) and send it to a stranger (I’ll send their details through private message). You will potentially receive around 36 books back (for your personal collection) to keep - they’ll be favorite books from strangers around the world, which is pretty exciting. If you are interested in taking part, please comment below and I will send you all the details! Please don’t ‘like’ … you need to tell me clearly in comments that you are IN. Happy reading! ”

When you reply to this post saying you are interested, then the person sharing it sends a private message to you.

“Thanks for taking part in the project. So the rules of the book exchange are as follows:

#1. Please copy & paste my Facebook status about the project on your timeline (to find the next participants)

#2. You only need to send a book you like/love to this person:

Address of a friend from which he/she got the idea.

Write your name, your address and a message on the inside of the book, so people know who and where their book is from.The book doesn’t have to be a collector’s item, just whatever book you enjoy and in English!

#3. Finally, send this message to the people who commented on your status, and give them my address:

Address of your friend from which you got the idea. So that they can send a book to me.

#4. Then those who comment on your friend’s status will send you books, and that’s all how it works! When you send the message to those who comment on your status remember to put my address in #2 & put in your address in #3. Happy reading! P.S. Please let me know when you send your book!

If you decide not to participate, please let me know so I can find a replacement. Since everybody made a little financial effort, it wouldn’t be fair to disrupt the chain. I think giving a book to a stranger is a really exciting idea and you will receive several books in return of just one! I hope you enjoy! Look forward to hearing from you!”

The idea works well if there are more people who are interested, so it spreads. Only one flaw in it is that you are sharing address with a stranger, but if this was not the case then this would not work. Of course, this works on trust system, like I would trust my friend to send my details only to those who they trust. I did send a book to a friend of a friend. So it does work but it will depend on the response you get. I do like the idea though it is limiting as with anything popular in social media eventually it dies down. It would be great to find a better way so that people keep sharing books.

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